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Friday, May 27, 2005

I seem to have been tagged.

The lovely and talented Cali girl passed this on to me, so here are my answers...

Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
When Cali Girl and I got married I inherited a lot of Disney movies, up until then, I would say I owned about 25 or so.

The last film I bought:
I bought 3 at one time the last purchase made...all for kiddo. I can't remember the last movie I bought for me, maybe the reissues of the Star Wars movies with the new stuff added in. Last ones for kidlet were Shark Tales, Harry Potter, Good Boy, and Cheaper BY The Dozen

The last film I watched:STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
1. Princess Bride, probably my favourite movie ever.
2. Grease, seen it a bajillion times, still like it.
3. Life Of Brian, still remember my sister and I literally rolling off the couch watching it.
4. Shanghai Noon, this is a weird pic, I list it because I know that Cali Girl did not want to watch it, but she sat through it just for me, and turned out to like it a lot. The moment sticks in my head more then the movie.
5. Porn

Total volume of music files on my computer:
Nowhere near what I used to. Had to get rid of about 8 gig worth when the computer started acting funky. Now they are all burned on MP03 cd's

The last CD I bought was:
its been so long i dont remember. I am a burner. I was a mixed tape maker before that.Maybe the soundtrack of Grease.

Six songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
1. More Today Than Yesterday - Spiral Staircase, The first time ever I had a "song" with Cali, or really with anyone
2. Amazed - Lonestar (wedding song #1)
3. I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain(wedding song #2...yes we had each)
4. Angel Eyes - Jeff Healy, because it sums up how I feel everytime I am with Cali
5. Good Morning Beautiful - Steve Holly
6. The Distance - Evan and Jarron, because it was once the worst song ever when Cali and I were apart, and now it signifies how we over came the distance

Five albums I can listen to over and over from start to finish - Greatest Hits dont count:
This is very tough for me. I have always been a mixed tape kind of guy. I raely listen to more then a couple of songs by one person at a time.

1. Pretty much any broadway musical sountrack
2. Pretty much any 80's mixed CD
3. Pretty much any 60's mixed CD
4. Pretty much any old country and western mixed CD
5. Anything by the Beatles
Albums I have listened to a lot in clude - Broadsword and the Beast by Jethro Tull, GLass Houses by Billy Joel, Up and or Play by Great Big Sea, and my new mix CD of BOwling For Soup, but that is kind of a greatest hits thing.

Which 5 people are you passing this baton to Most of my Blogger friends have been El Kabonged, so I will let it die on my end. LOL...I am too nice.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Should I sit through Sith

Cali girl and I are going to the movies tomorrow night. My mom is in town for the day and instead of having a lovely dinner with her, I am forcing her to babysit for us. Aren't I a stinker?
So, my question is, should I go see Revenge Of The Sith? CBC showed Phantom Menace, and Clone Wars in the last few days and now we are primed to go see it. I hope it doesn't suck.

So any reviews?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

How did you find me?

Cali recently installed a site meter on my blog. While looking at the results on it yesterday, I discovered that I could find out how people came to stumble into my little corner of the blogiverse.
It didn't surprise me to see that some of you got here from Caligirl's blog *waves hi*, also a few people found me from the replies I had left on other people's blogs.
What did surprise me, and make me laugh, was the fact that a few people found me because my blog popped up when they were searching for stuff...well it was more what they were searching for when they found me that made me laugh.

Three people found me because they were searching the terms supper and dinner. This is because of my post down there where I explained why Cali, and everyone else who thinks dinner is the evening meal, are so very wrong.

One person found me because if you type in the words what kind of shampoo does sarah michelle gellar use, I am the #7 result that shows up. I have used all those words in different posts, and they didn't put the search in quotes. I hope they enjoyed themselves, but I don't think they got the info they were looking for.

Two people found me because they searched "bald is beautiful". My post about me shaving my head lured those cueball lovers here.

Someone else got here because of the same post, but I don't think they were looking for the same thing...they had searched shaved bald beautiful, with no quotes. I have a feeling it wasn't heads they were looking for.

While that was funny, Cali had a creepy one. Someone searched, with no quotes, father daughter sex. Since all those words are in her blog somewhere she popped up. Ugggghhhh and may I add ewwwwwww.

Please reply and let me know how YOU found me

Saturday, February 05, 2005

What a long strange trip it's been (warning...long post)

Over on Cali girls blog there was some discussion on whether or not I would have moved to California, and how she ended up here in the great white north. I am not sure if either of us has ever completely explained out how we got to where we are. so, sit back, grab a drink, and listen up...Belly's is going to tell you a story of the olden days.

Picture it...PEI...December...2001. Oh I know, it seems like for ever ago. Bush was president, cars were powered by gasoline, and man still wasn't living on the moon. I was single and had pretty much settled in on the idea that I was going to be single well if not for ever, at least for a long time. I used the internet a lot to play games and maybe even look at the odd semi clothed woman, but I had no intentions of ever meeting someone online. I knew it could happen, but I really didn't think it could happen to me.

As I often was, I was playing trivia on when I first met caligirl. She was Kinky Elfette then, since it was close to Christmas. I was hosting a music quiz, and she was in the room playing since her normal room had not opened yet (a perfect example of the butterfly effect). I am sure I flirted with her..I have been told that I am a huge flirt. I think I am just friendly...since it is my blog, we will say I was friendly to her.

Well, apparently she liked my voice and we started flirting, I mean being friendly, in private chat. We both felt a connection even though niether of us were looking for a romance at the time. Private chatting led to yahoo video chats, and then to hours long phone calls. Much to both our surprise...we were falling in love.

Cali had planned a trip to the north east of the USA in February of 2002, but she changed her plans and came here to visit me instead. I was very excited and also very touched that she trusted me enough to come all this way. Finally the big day came and I picked her up at the airport...well, myself and two female friends of mine that she had spoken to online picked her up. I don't drive, and I wanted her to have a little time to get comfortable and see I wasn't a pervert...well not more of a pervert then she already knew anyway.

When she got there she took a nap, and then I took one and she almost killed me. I had been living alone a long time and so I wasn't used to anyone else being there, plus I had never in my life been woken up by someone touching me, it was always by calling my name. SO, when she touched me to wake me up, I nearly had a heart attack. lol

She got to stay for 12 days, including Valentines, and we had an amazing time. I took her to a romantic valentines dinner and bought her roses. she told me that even after being married 14 years that was the first time anyone bought her roses. I couldn't believe that she hadn't been treated the way she deserved to be, like a queen.

After 12 days of -30 degree temperatures, near heart attacks, karoke, surviving my weirdo friends, and hours of just being together...we realized that it was right, and we both wanted to be together.

At that time Kidlet was seven and kidlets father (aka asshole) was still living in California. So I told Caligirl that I would be willing to move there so as to make it easier for kidlet. Very shortly after she returned to Cali (putting her on the plane was the hardest thing I ever did), asshole decided to move to the east coast and give up all rights to kidlet. Since Cali wanted a change, and with my physical restrictions, we decided she would move here. We further decided that when kidlet got out of school for the year, I would fly out there, and we would drive back here together. 3600 miles in a car in August...if that didn't end the relationship, nothing would.

So five plus months of planning, crying, and generally doing what long distance couples have to do was time for me to fly to Los Angeles. The flight was uneventful, but that quickly changed when I touched down. There had been a last minute change of plans...originally kidlet was with family my first two days there as Cali had to work her last two days. But that fell through, so I was in charge of kidlet...I knew I was going to be a dad, just not that quickly. :-)

When we all got to the hotel room, I took a shower. Since I didn't have kids, I didn't realize that your stuff isn't private when you leave it sitting around. When I get out of the shower Cali girl is laughing and trying to be angry at kidlet all at once. You see...we didn't want to do the proposal on line or on the phone, so all though we knew we were getting married, I had never actually asked her yet. While I was in the shower, kidlet had rooted in my stuff and showed her mom "the pretty ring she found" kidlet actually gave cali her engagment ring, not me.

The rest of my stay there was great...kidlet and I hit it off, and to this day I couldn't love her more if she was my birth daughter. We all went to museums and all kinds of places doing family things.

Later on Kidlet stayed with her grandma and Cali and I went to Las Vegas... kind of a honeymoon in advance. It was awesome. She loved showing me all the sights, and we had a great time just hanging out.

The drive home was tiring, especially for Cali as she did all the driving, but there were so many beautiful things, and little moments of joy, that I wouldn't have traded it for any number of flights. As a matter of fact we are driving back there this summer for vacation.

It is now August 2002 and we have arrived in Canada...two weeks before our marriage date. That's PLENTY of time to plan. LOL

Most of the stuff from here on, you have probably picked up on Cali's blog... Delays galore in immigration stuff. Ups and downs, and a few But as I look back, I realize that I am happier, healthier, and so much better off then I was before that kinky (and beautiful) elfette happened upon my little slice of the internet.

Happy Valentines day Cali Girl. I love you. I love you too kidlet, although I doubt you will ever read this.

Monday, November 29, 2004

The great what you ate debate

Cali_Girl and I have an ongoing "discussion" over whether or not the evening meal is dinner or supper. She feels it is dinner, and I say it is supper. Of course I am right, but there are times when the evening meal is classified as dinner. So I thought I would do up a handy checklist to let you know what you are eating.

10. If you are wearing a suit it is dinner. If you are wearing a shirt that passed the "sniff test", you are having supper.

9. If you were shown to your table by the Maitre D', then you are at dinner. If someone yelled "Get it before it gets cold", you are having supper.

8. If the background music is supplied by a string quartet, then you are eating dinner. If the background music is supplied by your kids singing "this is the song that never ends" over and over AND over, then it is supper.

7. If it is candlelit it is dinner. If it is lit by Seinfeld reruns, it is supper. I know it is called a TV "dinner", but it is still supper.

6. Golden chandeliers equal dinner. Golden Arches equal supper.

5. If you are taking your wife out dancing afterwards, then it is dinner. If you are taking out the garbage afterwards, then it is supper.

4. If your server asks, "Would you like wine with that", it is dinner. If your server asks, "Would you like fries with that", then it is supper.

3. If you are supplied with more then one of each piece of cutlery, then it is a dinner. If you can throw your cutlery in the garbage when you are done, then it is supper.

2. If you are in a ballroom, it is dinner. If you are in a church hall, it is supper.

1. If you are eating with your in-laws for the first time, it is dinner. If you are eating with your disciples for the last time, it is supper.

To give Cali_Girl her say...She says the evening meal is only called supper if you are eating at your grandparents house.

So there you have it...a definitive guide to dinners and suppers. Of course, I could just say it is supper unless you are from away, then it is dinner. I hope this helps any of you who were struggling with exactly what meal you were eating.

Use the comments section to tell me what you call your evening meal.

Friday, November 12, 2004

The Incredibles was...well...incredible

Me and the missus and the kidlet all bundled up last night to go and see The Incredibles. It was well worth the price of admission. The voice over work by Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter, Jason Lee, Wallace Shawn, Samuel L Jackson, and some kid actors I never heard of, was excellent. The animation was all you would expect of a Pixar movie, and then some. The story was a little bit more adult oriented and darker then most Pizar stuff, but there was enough flash bang stuff to satisfy anyone. The basic plot would actually work well as a live action comedy or even drama. Fifteen years ago Mr Incredible saves someones life and in the process, injures them. After he is successfully sued, a host of other lawsuits for damages drives all superheroes into a witness protection scenario. Now there is villainay afoot and no superheroes.
There were laughs aplenty, and at 105 minutes for the main feature alone (IMDB lists it at 115 minutes, but I think that is with credits and/or the short feature. The main movie was 105 minutes by my watch), it was longer then most animated fare. The candy sprinkles on top of this sundae of entertainment was the five minute short shown before the main feature. If you thought the "Bird on a wire" short that is on before Nemo was ain't seen nothing yet. I would give this a solid 8.5 out of ten. I liked it better then any of Pixars previous movies. Even ahead of the spectacular Bug's life.
If you are into promos, you will get one for the simply beautiful looking Polar Express, and five minutes of heaven for geeks like me...a promo for the next Star Wars.

As a side note, 4454 people have given it a combined 8.6 out of 10 on ranking it 119th of all their movies

Go see this now!!!
Then come back and tell me what you thought of it.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

I am very huggable

Give me a try on my new hug-o-meter.
*big Canadian bear hugs*

Have a great day.